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Pretium Training are Covid-19 Compliant and Committed to Providing the Safest Training in these Uncertain Times.  PPE is provided on ALL courses.

Advanced Physical Intervention & Level 3 Handcuffing Course – £99

Will this Advanced Physical Intervention & Level 3 Handcuffing Course give me what I need?

“The law within England & Wales stipulates that anyone can carry Handcuffs, as long as they can justify their use, and, have received professional training from an approved supplier”

This course is designed for those that maybe required to detain individuals to either prevent harm to themselves or others.

This includes (but not limited to):

  • Bailiffs
  • Door Supervisors/ Security Staff
  • Enforcement Officers (Civilian)
  • Hospital & Nursing Staff
  • Detention Officers

Delegates who attend this course will be taught:

  • A refresher of the level 2 Physical Intervention qualification
  • Health & Safety Risks
  • Legal issues
  • Pain compliant techniques
  • Approved locks
  • Relocation to the floor
  • Relocation from the floor
  • The relevant law(s) surrounding Hand Cuffing & The Use of Force
  • Rigid Hand Cuffing Techniques
  • Handcuffing on the ground
  • Escorting techniques
  • Prone to Standing techniques
  • Duty of Care

“We currently deliver the McCormack Training Ltd System which has been implemented by the Garda in Ireland and the Dublin Airport Police”

Why Us?

Our trainers have over 30 years’ Conflict Resolution/ Management experience obtained from the Police Force, Military, Home Office Security & Anti-Corruption Unit and Private Security Industry.

Relevant up to date techniques and practices taught that have been independently Risk Assessed.

We utilise the McCormack Training Ltd system and endorsed techniques– currently taught to Police Officers, NHS Staff, Security Operatives, Airport Staff and many others.

Advanced Physical Intervention & Level 3 Handcuffing Course Dates

11th & 12th November 2021 (Croydon)

9th & 10th December 2021 (Eastbourne)

Course Duration

2 Days


Our courses are open to ALL applicants that meet the following criteria:

Aged 18 years or over

Have a Literacy/English level to at least a Level 1 standard

Fully certificated through McCormack Training Ltd and Highfield Awarding Body.




Suite 11, The Old Printworks, 20 Wharf Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3AW



Our Advanced Physical Intervention & Level 3 Handcuffing Course will enable you to safely apply up to date techniques to keep both you and the restrained individual safe.

2 Day Course for only £99 per student and fully certificated.

This course has been independently Risk Assessed and Approved for use within the Security Industry by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), approved for use within the NHS and Care Sectors.

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