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Breakaway Techniques Course (PMVA) – Level 2

Will this course give me what I need?

“If you were suddenly grabbed would you know how to react effectively?”

When an individual’s personal space is invaded it is an uncomfortable experience, when an individual is grabbed it’s an unforgettable experience.  Employers have a “Duty of Care” to their employees to ensure that physical confrontation(s) within the workplace are managed and that employees have a “non-pain compliant” system in place to deal with such conflicts.

This training can be added to any one of our courses and a must have for any individual.

Please note that this is not a Self Defence course and that “Strikes” will not be taught.  This course is designed to enable delegates to disengage from an attacker enabling “space creation” and an opportunity to regain control of the situation and/ or to retreat to a safer place.

Delegates will be taught “Break-Away” techniques from but not limited to:

  • Wrist Holds (Single & Double handed)
  • Clothing Grabs (Single & Double handed)
  • Front Strangle Holds
  • Rear Strangle Holds
  • Rear Attacks (Including “Bear Hugs” and Double Handed)

Due to the nature of the course content this course can be taught in any large room or area and does not require a matted floor area as no groundwork is taught.  Comfortable clothing is recommended, i.e. Gym wear.

Why Us?

Our trainers have over 30 years’ Conflict Resolution/ Management experience obtained from the Police Force, Military, Home Office Security & Anti-Corruption Unit and Private Security Industry.

Relevant up to date techniques and practices taught that have been independently Risk Assessed.

We utilise the McCormack Training Ltd system and endorsed techniques– currently taught to Police Officers, NHS Staff, Security Operatives, Airport Staff and many others.

Course Dates

Please Call for Course Availability

Refresher training recommended every year

Course Duration

1 day

Accommodation Options?

A variety of accommodation is available in the area.  Pretium Training have an exclusive discounted arrangement with the following in order to offer our students the best possible rates:


Our courses are open to ALL applicants that meet the following criteria:

Aged 18 years or over

Have a Literacy/English level to at least a Level 1 standard – this will be determined in the initial assessment

UK Nationals: Passport + 2 proofs of address (not older than 3 months)

Non-UK/EU Nationals: Passport/Home Office Documents. 2 proofs of address (not older than 3 months)


Discount are available on this course for Block/ Group Bookings. Please contact us for more information.




Suite 11, The Old Printworks, 20 Wharf Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3AW



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    Our Breakaway Techniques Course (PMVA) – Level 2 will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to safely apply techniques to effectively disengage from a conflict situation.

    PMVA (Prevention Management of Violence and Aggression) training is now a mandatory requirement for those working in an aggressive or violent setting, and in particular, those that work within a mental health environment and/ or on the front-line.